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Spelling information in the "Mramoraker Bote " and the "Mramoraker Homepage"

What should be true in German spelling?
(Excerpt from the "Mramoraker Bote" - No.1 / 10 / March 2000)

To dispel irritation, we tell our readers:
We will stick to the old spelling rules in the future as well. We reject a jumble of old and new spelling and stick with it, what we have learned. It is not enough, as is often the case, to replace 'ß' with 'ss' and all others Not to consider changes.
A former holder of the highest state office of our republic said a few years ago, he sticks to what he has learned and will not do any of the new spelling Make use. We believe that in our old age we take this liberty too can.
We will treat posts that arrive in new spelling without errors so far not change, and as they were written by the author. We count on your understanding! .....
We do not want to complicate the work with the new spelling. "

Also in the HOMEPAGE of our local community MRAMORAK I stick to the above - and I ask for your understanding! (Pastor J. Stehle)

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